How to Look Young and Chic with a Maxi Skirt

If you think that a maxi skirt is just for the old lady, you are completely wrong. Sometimes; yes, you are right; the maxi skirt looks outdated and identical with the grandma look. Well, actually it depends on how you set it with other fashion items in a right combination. No matter whether it is patterned, plain, bright or in dark color, you can have the young look with a maxi skirt. Here are some inspirations to make you look young in the maxi skirt.

Bold Patterned Maxi Skirt

For you who like a bold style, you can choose the patterned maxi skirt to create the chic young style. There is no matter with two patterned combinations on your style. It can be the effortless young style for you. Choose a striped loose T-shirt in cropped style which looks chic combined with the patterned skirt. Give the bright color accent with a necklace which makes you more fun and cheerful and of course, super young look.

Smooth Edgy Look

Create the edgy look in a smooth way by combining a leather jacket with a maxi pleated skirt. Choose black color leather jacket to add on the white tee. As the feminine accent, you can opt for the chiffon material skirt which flows perfectly on you. Give the prettier accent with some girly accessories like the layer of black necklaces.

Bright Color Maxi Skirt

Another super young look with a maxi skirt is by choosing a bright color skirt. Choose a feminine color such as bright pink to combine with other neutral colors. Pair your pink maxi skirt with a white T-shirt and black and white striped cardigan for more stylish look. Give the extra young look with a beautiful necklace and nude color flat shoes which look elegant on you.

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Young Style with a Maxi Skirt and Strappy Sandals How to Look Young and Chic with a Maxi Skirt Edgy Style with a Leather Jacket and Pleated Maxi Skirt in Black Color How to Look Young and Chic with a Maxi Skirt Young Style with a Bright Pink Maxi Skirt and Striped Cardigan How to Look Young and Chic with a Maxi SkirtFeminine Pastel Color

A pale pink maxi skirt may look so beautiful and young for you. It will be perfect with a striped T-shirt as the casual look on your appearance. Give the stylish young accent with the strappy sandals. The brown colored sandals will be the perfect choice for you on this style.

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