How to Look Young and Stylish with a Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarf with many kinds of patterns and colors may look too old for you. However, when the winter comes, this accessory is the best one to make you warm. So, how to wear this scarf without look like an old lady? You just need to combine it with several fashion items to create the best appearance. If you look for some smart ideas to style a blanket scarf, see the following inspirations of street fashions in chic and stylish ways.

Chic Style with a Red Coat and Skater Skirt

For the chic look, combine a white shirt with a gray color of skater skirt. Give the dark stockings which go nicely with your mini skirt. Choose a red color of a warm coat which is comfortable to wear. With the matching color of a plaid blanket scarf, your look will be stylish and chic. Opt for the black color ankle boots which can enhance your chic and stylish look. For this style, you just need a black color handbag to create the elegant look on your whole appearance.

Edgy Look with a Black Coat

If you like an edgy look and keep everything in a casual way, opt for a black color coat. Pair a white top with the brown color of leather shorts. Stay in warm with the choice of gray thigh-high socks with the cool ankle boots. Let the collar coat stand up with the black plaid scarf inside. Give more edgy look with a black cowboy hat.

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Boho Chic Style with the Fringe Boots

Try another chic way to create the stylish look with the blanket scarf. The boho chic style seems perfectly on a pair of the suede fringe boots with the skinny jeans tucked into them. Pair the jeans with a denim shirt which look elegant with the navy color of your jeans. Give the statement with the red color of the ethnic print scarf which gives you more boho appearance.

Feminine Pastel Color Pleated Skirt

The feminine style will be never left for every woman like this elegant look with a pale pink color of the pleated skirt. Pair it with a white shirt and opt for a grey color of the long blanket scarf which looks so elegant on you.

Blanket Scarf with a Black Coat Shorts Socks and Ankle Boots How to Look Young and Stylish with a Blanket Scarf Blanket Scarf with a White Shirt Skater Skirt and Red Coat How to Look Young and Stylish with a Blanket Scarf Boho Style Print Scarf with Fringe Boots How to Look Young and Stylish with a Blanket Scarf

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